Past Events

2016-08-27 Cambridge O'Level English Preparation (3 hrs)

  • By Mrs Rehan, Cambridge Certified English Trainer with 12yr experience. Sat 27th Aug; 10am-1pm. For students, teachers n parents.
  • * Paper pattern, marking scheme, assessment objectives as told by Helen Toner, Head Examiner CIE.
  • * Styles of writing, elements of good composition
  • * Significance of assessments for meaningful learning.
  • * Teaching strategies, material.
  • * How examiners mark Cambridge exam paper

2016-07-30 Happy~kar (3-hours)

2016-07 Summer Camp

2016-06 Summer Camp

2016-04 Mindfull Classroom

2016-04 Miscrosoft excel

2016-04 Design Your Dream Career by Mr Irfan Ahmed

2016-03 Happy Kar by Mr. Irfan Ahmed

2015-12 Winter Camp

2015-12 Science Madness

2015-12 Parenting Workshop by Humaira Salman

2015-11 Urdu presentation by Syed Qutub Ahmed

2015-11 Wood workshop Nails less # 4

2016-05 Sunday Funday

2016-05-15 Sunday Funday (2 hrs)

2015-11 Urdu presentation by Mahlika Yameen


2015-11 Urdu Presentation by Dr. Abid Ali


2015-10 Wood Engineering workshop 3

2015-10 The Art of Story Telling by Shahnaz Shah

2015-10 Dot Painting workshop#8

2015-08 Hot Air pastel Painting Workshop#7

2015-08 Playgroup Parenting and Homeworks by Shahnaz Shah

2015-07 Summer Camp

2015-06 It's Alarming: Scientific Art Workshop (8hrs, 2hr/day)

2015-05 Hydraulic Crane (9hrs, 3hrs/day)

2015-04 Parenting Workshop on "Jhoot aur Bahana" by Arif Yahya

Internal workshop

2015-04 Science Homeworks to Stimulate Exploration by Adeel Hassan

Internal workshop

2015-04-12 Amazing Sunday (2hrs)

2015-03 Parenting Workshop on "Child's Confidence" by Syed Qutub Ahmed

Internal workshop

2015-03 Parenting Workshop on "Creativity" by Sir Vaqar

Internal workshop

2015-03 Glass Painting (8hrs, 2hr/day)

2015-02 Amazing Sunday for Families

2015-04 Painting-2 (6 hrs, 2hrs/day)

2015-02 Painting-1 (12 hrs, 2hrs/day)

2014-12 Wood Art (12hrs, 3hrs/day)

2014-03 Geometrical Sculpturing (27hrs, 3hrs/day)

2014-02 Nail-less Wood Workshop (24hrs, 2hrs/day)

2015-05 Hydraulic Crane

2015-05 Parenting workshop on "Connecting with Children" by Dr.Zsu

2015-06 Its Alarming

2014-01-24 Robotic Studio (18hrs, 3hrs/day)